Tuesday, November 30, 2004

A Short Stop On a Long Ride

I have been remiss in writing. From China to Pakistan to Capitol Hill, a variety of matters of profound political and social interest have marched onto the global (or, at least, national) stage in the last few weeks. I, however, have said nothing about them.

I do apologize.

Nevertheless, I will continue not to comment on them for at least another two weeks. You see, I am entering a period of sadness and strife known as final exams--This mental persecution leaves little space for basic bodily functions, let alone the production of semi-coherent musings comprising "a motley assemblage of politics, philosophy, and sheer confusion." Well, I suppose I could probably provide the confusion...I'm pretty confused right now, that's for sure.

Anyway, once I return, I will try to catch up where I left off. That is, I'd like to fill the backlog of commentary, even things that might have been somewhat time-dependent. Perhaps a few weeks will allow a useful perspective on some of the more rapidly developing stories (Asif Zardari in Pakistan, for one, and the variety of Congressional moves, for another) and allow a better synthesis of related events than less procrastination would have allowed.

Now that I have both announced and justified my delays, I shall continue to live them. Thanks, as always, for reading.